Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 8 - Dreary Ol' London.

The 8th day brought with it raindrops and clouds and chills.  If this is what it's really like in England, then for the last 7 days we really had been experiencing a heat wave.  Brad kept asking for gray and gloomy London.  He got it today.  Even though it was chilly, we were good tourists and saw most of the sights.

Buckingham Palace.

Westminster Abbey

Big Ben and Big Brad in the SAME picture!!

Look kids, Big Ben, Parliament.

The Tower Bridge. I'm cold. I don't typically rest my chin on my fists.

Always time for a little coffee/dessert break!

Trafalger Square

The sun finally set.

Falling bridges, falling raindrops, and falling temperatures. Day 8.

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