Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 5 - On The (insert: opposite side of the) Road Again.

I have to admit - by the time we left Liverpool, I was already tired. We've packed a lot in 4 days. Now, we're driving from Liverpool to Edinburgh, Scotland. Day 5 was spent mostly on the road, driving through the English and Scottish countrysides. We learned quickly that a camera hardly captured the beauty or dimension that was all around us, but we took pictures anyway. I'm glad we chose a car over the train. We could go at our own pace. It was great.

Just near Edinburgh is Sterling, Scotland, home of William Wallace.  We stopped there first to see the William Wallace monument.  The sword he wielded was almost 6 feet tall or something crazy like that.
William Wallace's sword (well, one that looks like it at least)

Here we are at the top of the monument with the view of Sterling below (we had to walk up a very steep spiral staircase to get here)

Coming back down and holding on. Tightly!

A very foggy view of the Sterling Castle from the William Wallace monument

Once in Edinburgh, we went to the home of our hosts, Kate & Bill. They were very sweet hosts and had a beautiful flat. We went downtown Edinburgh that evening and back again the next morning before we left to head to Nottingham. Tonight we just wanted to see the city in lights. Tomorrow we would visit the Edinburgh Castle and part of the Royal Mile.

Look closely...that clock says 10:00pm!! Still so bright outside.


We were so hungry that night...Brad was very happy to find this restaurant (most of them were already closed).

Countryside, Braveheart, and another sunny evening. Day 5.


  1. We need to watch Braveheart.

  2. I'll watch it with you! Freedom!!! I love these updates, Alicia. I want to hear the story of your friends you met on Day 3. Are they from Bethel?

  3. We do need to watch Braveheart. And I need to go to Edinburgh.

  4. You know it! Let's watch Braveheart over the 4th of July. Brad can wear a kilt and everything. It will be awesome.