Thursday, June 24, 2010

He Said She Said

"...and then he said, 'Will you marry me?' And then she said, 'Yes.' And then he was all, 'Whew!' and she was all, 'Oh my goodness!!'"

My apartment at Chowning Square in Nashville, TN, on Christmas Eve. Time is approximately 12:30pm.

Brad Eatherly
Audra Rosenbury
Aaron Rosenbury

So I thought we were getting together for a little gift exchange with our close friends, The Rosenburys. We love the Rosenburys! An excerpt from Brad's Flickr page explains further:

I proposed on Christmas Eve. I had Audra and Aaron come over under the guise of us exchanging gifts with them. Alicia thought it all very normal. Then I told her I had something for her since we normally open one gift on Christmas Eve. Her dog had chewed up her Bible so I bought her a new one with what will be her new name engraved on it (Alicia Eatherly). I tied the ring to the ribbon in the Bible. I had to pry her hands off her face with a crowbar to pop the question.

Awww. I've copied a few pics below. For a whopping 31 pics of our engagement, visit Brad's Flickr page. 31 flavors and then some. Look around. You'll enjoy the pics of all his travels and ancestors.

Enjoying opening our new card and board games. Clueless.

Holding steady at clueless:

Starting to get it:

At some point I opted for the traditional Chinese bow while Brad opted for the left-right fake:

Brad's accomplices and fellow cast members (and our dear friends!), Aaron & Audra Rosenbury:

They also got the whole thing on video. Click here to be redirected to youtube to view it. don't necessarily need to see all that? You're in the middle of something already? Cool. I totally get it and am right there with you. No worries. Just read my one concluding thought below (and buy all of their albums):

"Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name."
-The Avett Brothers

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Where'd The Time Go??

"...I said to Hollywood, 'Where'd he go?' Hollywood said, 'Where'd who go?'..." Name that movie. Come on...just try.

Well I can't believe it's been NINE months since I've blogged. Seriously, where did the time go? I mean...quite a few bloggable happenings and one major, blog-worthy life event has taken place since last September. I started this blog to post pics from our trip to Europe last summer. Then I posted a few more things. Then I stopped. Now I'm starting again. I'll try to just hit the high points until I catch up! So...

September '09.
Alicia quits job. Actually, that is incorrect. Alicia quits job in June '09. Alicia's last day at Sony Music Entertainment is September 18, 2009. Longest notice in the history of the American job. Maybe. Maybe not. I love the music industry, but it took me a long time to get the nerve up to quit. I needed to quit the business side so that I could begin to work on the side that I actually love. The music side of the music business. Which is, in fact, still business. So since September, I have been watching small children and writing songs and playing my guitar and watching small children and playing my guitar and writing songs. And watching children. Music was (and still is) the plan. The plan grew a bit in December when Brad asked me to marry him. are a few of the fun things that happened post-Sony and pre-engagement:

Went to Atlanta to see this guy:
I technically went to see Sir Paul just before I left Sony, but I don't think you can really leave Macca out. That's just not right.

Nana turned 86 and visited with her long-time friend, Mabel, at her birthday party:
Nana is on the right...they were so cute...just chattering away!

The Harvey family grew and welcomed little Lennox Jude on October 2nd:
Big sister & brother, Presleigh Nicole (5) and Hendrix Matthew (2), are SO sweet to baby Lennox!

Copper & Libby played and played and played:

I went to the Franklin Fall Festival with Ariel (Presleigh's favorite):

And then December rolled around and this guy asked me to marry him:
Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Look How They Shine For You.

Yellow is a funny word. One of those words that if you say it over and over, you really start to think it might not even be a word...or it begins to sound like a mispronunciation of an actual word. But I like it. I like yellow kitchens. I like lemons and bananas. I like yellow cake batter. Lots o' yellow. Now, Old Yeller made me cry. I don't like that one so much, but I think you get the general idea. The color yellow is often associated with joy, happiness, hope, and is sometimes even used to describe a cowardly disposition (which doesn't bother me...all humans are cowards at times and cowards need hope). God's response? He demonstrates love.

Chris Martin wrote a song called Yellow. He said once in an interview that he still doesn't really know what that song is about. Funny. I've always loved that song - the lyric, the melody, the phrasing. Funny thing happened the other day. (Side Note - there are 2 things you should know before continuing this: 1) I love that songs and poems can be interpreted many different ways by many different people and 2) I believe that God can use any thing at any time to get any point across to any person. So, that being said, let's get back to the point here.

God always demonstrates His love toward us. Always. And it's in countless ways: through His creation, forgiveness, salvation, deliverance, redemption, favor, correction, discipline (again, the list is never-ending). He has been teaching me to find His presence and His truth in life's little details - in the familiar and the unfamiliar, in the things that challenge me and in the things that I love and naturally embrace. This week it was through a song. I've been thinking about how beautiful God's creation is lately...the sky, the trees, the stars. I was standing there marveling at the stars one night and all of a sudden started singing "Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you." And I thought...I love you Chris Martin, but that's not your voice I'm hearing in my head right now. God made those stars. He made them for Himself AND for us! For us to enjoy. For us to catch a tiny glimpse of His greatness and magnificence. (And I'm sure there a few practical purposes to throw in there as well). Then the rest of the song just came rushing through my mind, and all of sudden it was no longer a love song from a man to a woman but a love song from God to us. Every line. And quite frankly, I didn't even realize I
knew all the lyrics to that song. As I was standing there, it was like God was there whispering each line to me. I won't go through every lyric that for yourself. I think you'll get it.

Now, I'm not one of those people who likes to draw some sort of spiritual parallel from every little thing I see or hear. I mean, let's be real. Some things just are what the are. This song may very well fall in to that category, but not this week. Not for me. So maybe from now on, or at least for the next week, you'll listen to this one a bit differently too.

YELLOW by Coldplay

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah they were all yellow

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called yellow

So then I took my turn
Oh all the things I've done
And it was all yellow

Your skin
Oh yeah your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
You know, you know I love you so
You know I love you so

I swam across
I jumped across for you
Oh what a thing to do
Cause you were all yellow

I drew a line
I drew a line for you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow

Your skin
Oh yeah your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
You know for you I'd bleed myself dry
For you I'd bleed myself dry

It's true look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine
Look at the stars look how they shine for you
And all the things that you do

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer Likes.

While I was pulling those pics of Libby's bday, I realized Jen had captured a few more of my favorite things about summer. See below in no particular order:

YUM! I would like to add that we shucked that corn before it was placed on the grill.

Hot dogs and hamburgers. Now I'm hungry.

Lonely floatie.